Cambridge Year 1 – IGCSE

Cambridge Curriculum Tuition

Are you following the Cambridge curriculum in South Africa? With the My Own Tutor specialised tutoring system you will be achieving great Maths and English results in no time at all! Our specialised tutoring system is specifically designed to follow the Cambridge curriculum from Year 1 straight through to IGCSE’s and will do the following:
  • Identify gaps in knowledge within Maths and English topics which should have previously been mastered
  • Strengthen the Maths and English core building blocks through planned revision and lessons
  • Allow learners to practise and learn Maths and English when it is convenient without limitations
  • Motivate learners to practice regularly through interactive and fun learning methods
  • Provide on-going support from qualified teachers and tutors

Cambridge Tuition Assistance

Our qualified teachers and tutors are always there to assist you with any Maths and English related question and can be called on for:

  • Homework support
  • Program support and assessments
  • Schoolwork and project assistance
  • Study techniques and advice
  • Exam preparation assistance and advice

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My Own Tutors specialised tutoring system takes the stress out of Maths & English LearningMy Own Tutor - Maths and English Tuition  - See The Results

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